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Malvan- The unkown wonder of Konkan

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

The bucket list got opened… Google was searched… the offers on Cleartrip were utilized to the maximum – a trip by the most unorganized bunch of friends was planned to Malvan – A picturesque place in the Konkan Belt almost 530 km south of Mumbai. The scenic train journey from Dadar came to an end at Kudal Station. The next bus to Malvan was hurriedly boarded. The 30 KM stretch was a mirror to what awaited us in Malvan – the charm of an picturesque Indian village, the cattle, the paddy fields, the sunlight – finally welcoming the first day of 2016 in a new way at a new place.

We wanted to explore the place in our own pace, so hired bikes from a shop near to the bus stand and headed for hotel Anantashram. After a quick shower and lunch, we went exploring. There were a lot of signages to help us choose. We went to Chivla Beach. The sparkling blue water, the waves and white sands – a welcoming sight after a long journey. We wanted to witness the sunset from rock garden. But when we arrived, it was not a pleasant scene with lots of people and shops around. We wanted some quiet, poised time with just us. We decided to follow our instinct and rode towards Tondavali beach a little far from Malvan town – almost 22 KM! What unveiled before us was a scenic road trip full of fresh air, greenery, blue sky and gliding Eagles.

We were the only people on the beach apart from the fishermen and their boats. The setting sun, cool breeze passing through our hair, the boats being drawn to the sea for next catch and the roaring waves – a perfect end to the very first day of the New Year! The approaching night made the stars shine bright and the sky blanketed us with her zillion stars. For a long time we all sat quiet and spellbound by the enigmatic splendour of nature that was being revealed in front of us.

The next day was quite hectic for us – full of adventure and new things to explore! The day started with hot cup of tea and Puri Sabji. After that as planned earlier we headed to Malvan Beach where a lot of fun and adventure activities awaited. The fun began with scuba diving near Sindhudurg Fort – a completely new and mesmerizing experience for a girl like me who is a non-swimmer and had no experience of underwater world. Oh! what an experience – scary and beautiful at the same time. The next activities continued with Jetski, Bumper ride, Banana Boat ride and occasional slipping from the rides and saved by the LIFE JACKET – the most useful equipment , at least for me! The fun came to an end with a reluctant Para Sailing – I was reluctant, but had I missed the oppurtunity, I would have not witnessed the panoramic view from that height. This was simply unthinkable. After a day full of fun and adventure, we ended the perfect day with a sumptuous dinner at a small eatery. In that place as one of my friends stated – the food was chargeable and love was free!

The next day was the last day in Malvan and we wanted to made the most of it. We started early for a ride across the town and visited one of the best beaches of Maharashtra – Tarkarli beach. A beach that can bring out the child in you – a bunch of grown up kids played with waves…the sand…shells and with each other and relived our childhood once again. After the beach we went for a leisurely sail at the backwaters of Malvan. There was a lot to take our breath away – the enchanting view of the unknown beaches and sleepy villages, the seagulls soaring high, the Maharashtrian savoury Modak and Kokum Sharbat in the middle of nowhere – a very new and enthralling experience! With heavy hearts we packed our backpacks and started for the return journey to Mumbai.

Malvan – A trip of a lifetime, a trip to appreciate the little joys of world as they carry wonders within themselves.

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