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Msemerizing Malshej

Updated: Feb 11, 2023


n a cloudy morning of July with a bunch of friends, we set out for a journey towards Malshej Ghat. After crossing the borders of Maharashtra, what unveiled in front of us was enough to make the trip one of the most cherished one! After riding for about 126 Kms we had escaped the city’s hustle and bustle. A contrast – an ambitious city life and a down to earth village life-tasted in a day’s span! The first stop for breakfast – and we were welcomed by a shower of rains and it was as if we were in the midst of clouds. A moment which will be with us forever.

The rains, the sunshine, the mist, the ever changing landscapes and the innocent people-we lived in a page out of a fairy tale. In every curve of the road, a waterfall gloriously flowed. The one to which we lost our hearts was right in the middle of the road! We named it ”The Shower of Heaven”. Spellbound, we again started our onward journey. Here came the little tunnel that was more than enough to make us scream like crazy. Our shouts were breaking into echos and what a feeling we grown ups had! It was like we had relived our childhood for a moment. Coming out of the tunnel, we were again embraced by mysterious clouds. Ah! we were shivering and the feeling of being in the clouds-a dream comes true…

We lazed around in that laid-back little place for quite some time and the calmness of the place reminded us of our golden childhood – little minds…little worries and a life worth living! After vigorous arguments and discussion we decided our next destination-Naneghat. A narrow and uneven path led us to another hidden jewel in the midst of nowhere-a brook flowing invitingly. We could not resist ourselves and as soon as the car came to a halt a group of grown up kids jumped into the crystal clear water. No words can ever explain that feeling! Being a North Eastern it is not uncommon for me to find such streams in my place, but this stream was something so unique, ferocious and yet so welcoming that the moment I set my eyes upon it, I knew that I was destined to live that moment!

With a heavy heart we finally moved on to a smoky landscape and we were in Naneghat a place known to be home to the clouds. It was so misty that we barely saw our friends who were standing right in front of us. A journey worth remembering and worth revisiting came to an end. And here I realized that the true beauty and marvel of nature cannot be captured in a camera but will always be cherished and remembered. A journey worth sharing!!!

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