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Dazzling Diveagar

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

A phone call at about four o’clock in the morning is usually not for good news. But that call from a friend was just not an ordinary one. It brought the good news of an unplanned trip to an unknown place called Diveagar in Raigad district of Maharashtra. Within half an hour I packed my backpack and set out on the journey. After a brief halt for delicious roadside breakfast and tea, we continued through the Maharashtra State Highway as we were a bunch of friends seeking out solitude and adventure. The trip was just mesmerizing with endless turns and twists. Autumn had painted the forests with flaming colours, the fields were filled with farmers joyfully collecting their crops and probably sharing some light moments with one another. The day was bright and sunny....everything was just enough to fill my heart with hopes, expectations and relaxation after a tiring week. The wind in my hair…the sunrise …the fresh morning glow of the sun…..oh what a beautiful journey that was!

At about 11:30 we finally reached our much awaited destination -Diveagar. The village resembled a tiny fairy tale village that had dozed off years ago due to the bewitching spell of a fairy. Before heading to nearby places we decided to rent a homestay and have some food. Now this was a bit tricky mainly because no one was there on the streets or in front of the houses to whom we could approach for a room. Finally saw a lady in front of a house and she was willing to rent out her place to us. We settled down and asked her about food arrangements as the village did not seem have many restaurants. All the homestays provide accommodation as well as food to the travellers. To our surprise she offered us one of the best meals that we have had in our lives – a sumptuous spread of rice, dal, Surmai fish fry and curry, solkadhi and topping it off with the unmatched hospitality of simple village folks.

Post lunch, we started for Harihareshwar – a temple village and beach about 40 km South of Diveagar. The road unveiled in front of us some of the best landscapes. The coastal road that led us to our destination was meandering between forests on one side and the vast sprawling sea on the other. Those moments are to be captured in our hearts and cherished forever. The gleaming sea and flaming forests on either side – as if we were riding between some ancient settings!

I had never expected a temple to be so quiet and inviting! The red and yellow ancient temple was a welcoming treat to our souls. We sat there spellbound by the unknown and unseen force.. the soft ringing of the temple bells, the sound of the waves, the sound of hushed voices of travellers – a temple worth visiting and revisiting! We spent quality time on the beach chasing waves or rather being chased by them, clicking pictures and savouring the local sweets and snacks. We decided to witness the sunset there itself and soon found a place to sit and enjoy the view – on a large rock at the tip of the sea. Ah! the sun with all its glory bid adieu for the day and melted into the sea. The view of the sunset was enthralling and enough to make us exhilarated.

The return journey was full of adventures as the road was pitch dark and not a single soul was on sight. The eerie silence of the woods and the road made the return journey a memorable one. The place never ceased to surprise! The perfect day came to an end with yet another lavish spread of home cooked fish dish. The next morning was entirely dedicated to the Diveagar beach and surrounding areas. The neat and sprawling beach was not at all crowded. We grown ups yet again relived our golden childhood – chasing each other, playing with the waves! The soft morning sun rays kissed the beaches and our faces. The time had come to return with many untold stories and remembrance in our hearts.

A hidden tiny village in Maharashtra where I lost my heart, again!!!

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